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Interested in learning more about how to live your life more environmentally friendly?

If you are, why not check out our new green living guide section on TheEnvironmentSite.org.

These are the categories and links we currently have featured:

  • Garden: Eco tips for your garden.
  • Kitchen : Eco tips to apply in your kitchen.
  • Study : Eco tips for your study.
  • Bathroom : Eco tips for your bathroom.
  • Garage : Eco tips for your garage.
  • Bedroom : Eco tips for your bedroom.
  • Roof and Walls : Eco tips for your roof and walls.

If you are interested in providing us with a guide on a environmental topic that you have specific knowledge of and would like to share this please contact us.


Picture Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/285112924

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