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  • Green Guide to Surfing the Web

    The Internet is such a vast part of our daily lives now that it seems impossible to imagine a time without it. Nonetheless there are various ways you can go about making your Internet browsing as environmentally friendly as possible. In this guide we’ll try and outline some of the greener choices you can make.

    Choosing an eco friendly ISP

    To get onto the Internet you need an Internet Service Provider, or ISP. You’d think that these are all much the same as far as environmental issues go but there are a few out there that pride themselves on their green credentials. Arguably the best in the UK is the aptly titled Green ISP.

    Founded in 2003, Green ISP is a not-for-profit, forward thinking, innovative Internet Services Provider(vISP), which aims to secure its vision of being securely placed to meet the understanding and requirements of our fast changing world and environment.

    They act in a green way by offsetting the 25 tonnes or so of carbon they produce each year through TreeSponsibility, and also plant 1 tree for each new broadband and web hosting customer they get. Their offices are also powered partly by their own solar panels, with the remaining energy delivered by renewables provider Juice.

    So all in all they’re pretty green, and perhaps best of all they’re a highly regarded ISP as well, so you get to choose the green option safe in the knowledge that you’re getting good service as well.

    Eco friendly email

    Email is arguably the most popular of all Internet activities so why not try and choose an eco friendly email provider as well? There are a few out there, the main two being Care2 and Community Mail. We’ll look at both in turn.

    Care2 – Care2 are one of the leading environmental communities and their free email service has over 100,000 users. You get 100mb of storage space and a choice of email extensions, including: peacemail.com, whale-mail.com, care2.com, vegemail.com, wildmail.com, and animail.com.

    Community Mail – Community Mail are one of the largest providers of eco friendly email. Their email service is powered 100% by renewable energy and they put 10% of annual revenue into environmental projects. With your free account you get 100mb of storage space and a choice of email extensions, including: communitymail.net, activist.cc, hippiemail.com, and globaluprising.com.

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