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  • Eco Friendly Lavatory Cleaners

    Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are often suggested as loo-cleaners. But according to Which? magazine they cost three times as much as Ecover and require paper towels or cloths to remove stains, which would eradicate their benefit.

    Blue loo deodorisers – which turn the water blue and have a powerful, cloying smell – are on a par with air fresheners on my eco-horrors list. They’re unnecessary, and if you have a push-button loo they could even be corroding the valve and making it prone to leak.

    Many of us feel uneasy using bleaches and loo-cleaning fluids. However, they don’t contaminate the sewers because when they encounter bacteria, they disintegrate. On the other hand, stains in your loo attract germs. So bleaches may not be so bad.

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