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  • Building a Roof Garden

    Centuries old, the roof garden concept has been most recently embraced in Europe. Both functional and aesthetically-appealing, this technology improves the structure’s energy efficiency while adding plant life in populated areas.

    How Roof Gardens Help

    Living roofs are not just good for wildlife:they make a positive contribution to the environment in a number of other ways.

    The three types of roof garden

    There are three basic types of roof garden and these three types relate to the amount of maintenance they require, the depth of soil and the types of plants the area will support. The three types are:

    What roofs are suitable?

    Flat roofs lend themselves the best to roof gardens although it is also possible to green other roof types such as pitched, barrelled and domed roofs. Here we look at some of the structures typically used for domestic roof gardens:

    How to do it?

    Ok, now we get down to the nitty gritty part where we help you with actually building your roof garden. To build a garden fit for flowers requires several layers to be constructed:

    What can you grow in your roof garden?

    There are various plants you can grow in your roof garden, each with their own characteristics. We try and explain the choices below:

    Maintaining your Roof Garden

    Most people want a living roof that is low on maintenance.As with all other types of garden and landscape, the amount of work needed will depend on the intended outcome!If a perfect,manicured green space is what ’s required then the area will need a lot of attention.However, extensive living roofs need relatively little maintenance.Semi-extensive areas will need more attention to keep them looking good and to maintain their diversity of species.

    Happy Roofing

    Designing and tending a living roof in the garden should be fun.If,over time,things do not develop quite as expected then add a little more substrate where possible or sow a few more seeds,or both.Get up on to the roof and have a look at the bugs and beasts that you have attracted.Above all,let other people know and help spread the word!

    Oh, and please remember to seek out and follow all relevant safety advice when accessing roofs and high places.

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